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Tiny Pirate Designs started when my then 3-year old daughter became infatuated with treasure maps, pirates and all things nautical. We would draw with crayons on a blank piece of paper to make a "treasure map" and included rivers, mountains, sea monsters and crocodiles (the dogs!) We'd then walk around our little house and pretend to bypass all these treacherous obstacles and the "treasure" would usually end up being one of her favorite toys.

One day I had the idea to make a nice, computer-illustrated treasure map for her. Then I thought - hey, wouldn't it be fun to make customized treasure maps that people could personalize? I started researching different treasure maps and at first wanted to create a generic island. The idea started evolving into different states and then having the option to add a family surname and even have the "X" treasure spot land on their home town. It would be a fun play on those state silhouettes with the hearts to indicate "home is where the heart is."

I did some research to see if anyone else was making "customized treasure maps" and couldn't find anyone doing exactly what I had in mind so I figured why not start an Etsy shop for it?

I create all my files using mainly Adobe Illustrator CC and a little bit of Photoshop CC using double monitors and a Wacom tablet. My office is a small room that also doubles as my daughter's playroom, which can be so fun tripping over toys! 

These maps were fun to make and my daughter absolutely loves hers and takes it with her outside to explore. I hope your kids (or adults) love them too - whether they be hanging in a frame or in their hands!


You can also contact me via mail by writing to:

Tiny Pirate Designs
P.O. Box 144
Barre, MA 01005

or e-mail me at: captain@tinypiratedesigns.com